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Friday Video: Playful Baby Foxes

Picture this. It’s nighttime, you’ve already decided to change into your pajamas, and you’re just hanging out, relaxing until you reach the point of near exhaustion and finally stumble up to bed. Suddenly, the security lights outside your home go off. Now, you’re more awake than if you sat and chugged an entire gallon of coffee. Is it a burglar? Are the lights broken? ALIENS?!

With the nearest weapon in one hand and your phone in the other, you carefully walk up to you windows and peak outside. But, fear not! There’s no one trying to get into your house. Just a couple of cute, cuddly, baby foxes who have decided they just want to play.

Are those not the sweetest little foxes you’ve ever seen? They just wanted to have some fun, and your security lights provided the perfect amount of light so they could see the ball they just discovered!

Hopefully this video has given you the perfect amount of cute to get you through Friday!

(Story via Mashable)

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