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Wednesday Wonder: The Light Phone

Let’s face it. We are all 100% obsessed with our phones! We freak out if it’s not with us, we’re constantly staring at the little screen, and the motion of scrolling has become as second nature as brushing our teeth. We even feel the urge to check that screen even when we know we shouldn’t like during a movie or while we’re sitting in traffic.

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Google’s Becoming Your Only One-Stop-Shop

Let’s face it. We probably turn to Google far more often in a day then you would think would be humanly possible. We turn to Google to find the weather, make a measurement conversion while we’re cooking, find reviews on that new big purchase we want to make, or check that weird rash that’s suddenly shown up on our arm.

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Hotels Are Getting A 21st Century Upgrade

Sure, it may not be home, but every once in a while it can be nice to actually stay in a hotel. You don’t have to worry about making the bed, food can magically appear right at your door, and you can even instantly get a toothbrush without having to rush out to the closest convenient store. But, as nice as it is, there are always a few upgrades that can be made to improve the experience.

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The New Way To Order Dominos

In recent years, we’ve moved way beyond having to actually call and place an order for pizza. Now, we can go online, make all our selections, and not even talk to a single human being! We can even sit and watch a little progress bar in hungry anticipation. But, even going online to order can sometimes take some time. The problem is we’re hungry now! We can’t take 5 minutes to place an order.

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Friday Video: Iron Man Pancakes

The weekend is finally here, which can only mean one thing. We can actually wake up whenever we want, lounge around in our pajamas for a while, and then casually eat whatever we want for breakfast! No granola bar as we rush out the door for us! Man, we’ve got so many breakfast possibilities. How will we choose?

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