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Walmart Is Ready To Take On Amazon

We love doing a little online shopping from time to time, but if there’s something we really need sooner rather than later, we’d rather make the trek out to the store itself. Sure, that means getting in our car, driving to the store, and wandering around for at least 30 minutes before walking out with our purchase…plus maybe a few impulse buys…in hand, but at least we didn’t pay shipping right?

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Wednesday Wonder: Endangered Animal Emojis

If there’s two things we love, it’s emojis and animals! What better way is there to spice up a conversation and what’s cuter than a giant panda? But, we never really thought much of the two together. Sure, we’ve sent out of fair share of animal emojis, but we never thought we could actually do good that way!

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Kettles May Be Out Of A Job

Everyone enjoys a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate or whatever other sort of beverage you like to drink. But, we suppose the thing we never really considered when it comes to those drinks is the energy we’re using to make that hot water. We just turn on the faucet, fill up the kettle, put it on the stove, and see how much Netflix we can watch before the kettle starts to whistle.

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Finding The Perfect Palette Is As Easy As Hitting The Spacebar

We’ve all experienced plenty of times where we’ve sat back and thought to ourselves, “do these two colors really go together?” Maybe it was while you were picking out an outfit for the day, maybe you were picking colors for a big event, maybe you were considering a change in décor for your home, or maybe you were trying to come up with some amazing design for work. No matter the reason, you’re no artist and couldn’t really say whether that color went with that.

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The Mother’s Day Gift You Don’t Have To Wrap

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, which means you probably want to actually start figuring out what you plan on getting her. A trip to the mall will probably take you a couple hours, anything DIY is sure to take some time since you might have to give up and start again at least 3 times, and while flowers are nice…you’ve done that one too many times.

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