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Wandarama - Magic Levitation Wand (2 Wand Pack)

Hey, we know your kids are sad that the final Harry Potter film has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to magic entirely. In fact, a magic wand could be the perfect thing to cheer them up during this devastating childhood loss. But before you go out and purchase a replica wand from their favorite J.K. Rowling character, you should know one thing – they don’t actually work.

The Wandarama Magic Levitation Wand, on the other hand, is magic you can see. Okay, actually it’s static charge that you can’t see and a “floating” tinsel toy that you can see. But to explain the science will only ruin the wonder of the wand. The Magic Levitation Wand will make the tinsel toys bounce, float, swirl, and jump for hours of fun – and your kids will enjoy it, too. With two wandaramas, 24 tinsel toys, and two sticker sheets, you can probably afford to give them a turn.

Share the magic with a set of 2 Wandarama Magic Levitation Wands.

Easy to use!

  • Just press the button.
  • Wave it around.
  • Watch them fly!


All the would-be wizards out there can enjoy a magic wand of sorts that's simply mesmerizing.

  • Supercharged floating flying fun
  • An amazing wand
  • Wanderama makes the tinsel toy bounce, swirl, twirl, float and fly
  • Levitation Made Easy - nothing beats defying gravity for fun.
  • Gravity defying interactive toy
  • Fun for all ages

Give imaginative play back to your children and enjoy watching as they appear to magically move the tinsel toys using their Wandarama. We're sure you’ll be fascinated enough to play with it yourself after they go to bed – don’t worry, no one is watching – go ahead and try it.


  • 2 Wandaramas
  • 24 Tinsel Toys
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • Instruction Guide

Note: Requires 2 'AA' Batteries (Not Included)

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Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving dinner is upon us...

The one thing in common we all have with Thanksgiving is quite obvious: the love of the food, a day off from work, and finally, time to spend catching up with family, giving thanks for life and good  health.

And depending on what side of the family you decide to spend the holiday with this year, everyone has their own way of celebrating—not to say that this is necessarily a bad thing, but as I’m sure we all know, forcing a smile for Aunt Mary Jane’s “cranberry sauce” (the sad excuse for canned Jell-O) and listening to your relatives debate the fiscal policy sometimes can make things a little awkward.

So whether you’re being attacked by the food police that is your brother and sister, or remedying your food coma on the couch watching TV marathons avoiding confrontation, remember: it could be worse.

First off, your entire family could be vegetarian (tofurky, anyone?). 

Or it could be a case of “turkey with a side of salmonella,” (gross, we know). According to the Center for Disease Control turkey distributor Cargill “has recalled their ground turkey products twice this year due to the presence of a drug-resistant strain of salmonella affecting more than 26 million pounds of meat.” In other words, cook your turkey all the way to avoid any hospitalizations this year.

Do we dare jinx it and say, at least this year there won’t be snow? It’s looking like the better part of America will be experiencing milder temperatures than past Thanksgivings (so no, snow is no excuse to not to be in attendance this year).

You could be “that” relative to screw up the stuffing (sometimes box is better, we’ve learned). Tasteless stuffing means unhappy dinner table. Unhappy dinner table means awkward silence. Awkward silence means seemingly endless Thanksgiving dinner.

The oven could go kaput (awful-sounding, right?). No oven means no turkey. No turkey means... you might as well forget calling it Thanksgiving and head to the local buffet.

Board games. You could be caught in the middle of a 3 hour game of monopoly as the night is coming to an end and leftovers are being boxed (we don’t suggest initiating any board game “fun” after the dinner hour).

A plethora of things could go wrong, so be happy if the worst you'll encounter is a brief political debate or minor meal mishap. 

Remain calm, stay sane, and remember: in retrospect, it’s just dinner. If you’re really struggling, the Free Times has created quite the survival guide for almost every unfortunate Thanksgiving situation.  

Gobble gobble!

(photo: Roy Lichtenstein: Turkey


The Two-Finger - and only Two-Finger - Camera

If you’ve ever thought that digital photography should be more convenient, this one’s for you.  After all, you shouldn’t have to carry even the smallest slim-line camera model or take out your newest release smartphone with its 20-megapixel camera.  Taking that perfect snapshot with a few unobtrusive rings that stay right on your fingers?  Now you’re talking.

The Air Clicker, designed by Yeon Su Kim, takes all the unnecessary extras out of digital photography – leaving you with two bands: one with a camera for your thumb and the other with a shutter button for your forefinger.  With these two pieces Bluetooth-connected to your smartphone, all it takes is a finger bend to take a picture and save it right to your phone.

Of course, that kind of means you’d need to keep your smartphone with you – and finger-only controls could result in some really awkward photos if you’re not paying attention.  Still, the Air Clicker is a pretty clever concept, especially for those spontaneous snapshots.

(Story and Image via Yanko Design)


Exciting Lighting Wireless Holiday Ambiance Sconce

For just about everything, there’s an easy way and a hard way. Holiday decorating is no exception – you can throw a festive wreath on your front door (easy) or go full-out Winter Wonderland (hard). But on some rare occasions, there’s a secret third option – the easy way that only seems difficult. We’ll call it DifficEasy.

Now, a DifficEasy can be pretty elusive – just like the trick answer on a multiple choice test. So here’s a hint: when it comes to decking all your halls for Christmas, the DifficEasy is an Exciting Lighting Wireless Holiday Ambiance Sconce. A Tiffany-inspired stained glass shade, the Holiday Ambiance Sconce gives your home a “we planned for this holiday party all year” look without a year’s – or even a day’s – worth of wiring and electricians. It hangs just as easily as a picture and runs on batteries for up to 150 hours of permanent-looking lighting. (And it’s just as easily removed as soon as you’re out of the holiday spirit or the party is over – whichever comes sooner.)

Difficult, easy, or DifficEasy? The answer to festive decorating is simple – but looks more complicated – with the Exciting Lighting Wireless Holiday Ambiance Sconce.


  • A beautiful festive holiday sconce you can hang anywhere without wiring
  • No holes, no wires, no electricians, no hassles - save time and money
  • Battery-operated for up to 150 hours or lighting - no electrical wiring (three 'AA' batteries included)
  • Easily installed - hangs as easy as a picture with no drilling, cutting, or restoration work
  • Features long-lasting LED lights and manual on/off switch
  • Portable - Features a permanent look but is easily removed
  • Cost-effective - No expensive electrician bills and ongoing utility costs.


  • Dimensions: 8.125" x 4.25" x 6" (W x D x H)
  • Shade Material: Stained Glass
  • Power Source: 3 'AA' Batteries (included)

Note: This product includes batteries. We do not test nor can we guarantee the performance or life of a battery/batteries that may be included with a product.

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Ready for Friday?

Friday’s a big day – are you ready?  No, we’re not talking about Black Friday shopping – though we know you’ll be here to score some killer Priceplunge deals.  More importantly, according to the Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, Friday is “Update Your Parents’ Browser Day.”

Like their computer and operating system, your parents’ browser is probably well past its prime.  Why not do something more useful with Friday November 25th than sleeping off a turkey-overload or standing in line for that “great deal” – and give that old web browser an upgrade.

Madrigal has one key piece of advice in this endeavor – because some might not be so receptive to a browser change – “Don’t switch brands on them.”  Sure, you can probably write a book on the functionality of Chrome or the advantages of Firefox, but changing up the browser itself might be too big of a leap.  Madrigal warns to “keep it simple” – and we have experience that says he’s right.

(Image and Story via The Atlantic)