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Friday Video: Playful Baby Foxes

Picture this. It’s nighttime, you’ve already decided to change into your pajamas, and you’re just hanging out, relaxing until you reach the point of near exhaustion and finally stumble up to bed. Suddenly, the security lights outside your home go off. Now, you’re more awake than if you sat and chugged an entire gallon of coffee. Is it a burglar? Are the lights broken? ALIENS?!

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Now This Is How We Should Track Food

There are plenty of apps and gadgets out there designed to help us be and stay healthy. But, when it comes to those food diary apps, there always seems to be one little problem. The app doesn’t just do it for you! You have to remember to actually open that app and log your food. Not only that, you actually have to remember what and how much you ate. That right there is sometimes no small feat.

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Wednesday Wonder: Paribus

We’ve all done a little online shopping at least once in our lives. How can you resist the temptation of buying that cart full of goods while you sit in bed in your pjs? Plus, they’re getting delivered straight to your door! That’s called a win-win. But, here’s the problem with online shopping. The price you see today might not be the price tomorrow.

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Say Thank You To Those Who Protect Our Country

Remember back to grade school when you would celebrate Memorial Day? You probably had American flags all over the place, maybe some sort of show and tell where you’d talk about family members who fought or were still fighting, and then you’d sit down to pen a letter to a current military member.

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A Must Follow For All Star Wars Fans

If you’ve been on the Internet today for even all of 5 seconds, you’ve probably been assaulted with more images and Star Wars puns then you care to ever see in your entire life…or at least until the new movie comes out. But, today is “May The Fourth Be With You Day” so those puns won’t be ending anytime soon.

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