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Gift Ideas To Please All Kinds of Moms

For those of you who are procrastinating or perhaps haven’t bothered to pay attention to all the signs around you, Mother’s Day is but a week away. You only have one week to figure out what you’re going to do for that special lady in your life. The one that raised you, fed you, baked you cookies, cared for you when you were sick…you get the point.

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Friday Video: This Pug Is the Master of Creeping

Have you ever been sitting, minding your own business, when suddenly you’ve felt like someone was watching you? Maybe you look up, glance around, and realize you’re just paranoid. Or maybe you look up and realize you felt that way because someone…or something…was watching you! AHHHH.

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Dustpans Have Met Their Match

There are some cleaning tasks we can tolerate, and there are some that we just can’t stand to do! You might be ok washing the dishes, but you’d rather pay someone 50 bucks to go around and dust your house. But, while those various undesirable choirs may change from person to person, there’s one that probably rings true for all. We HATE having to use a dustpan.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Fetch Apple Watch App

If you’re staying in a hotel and have a question or need to make some sort of request, you’d probably go to the concierge in order to get stuff done. They can give you directions, help get you reservations, and who knows what else! Well, how would you feel if you could carry that concierge around with you…on your watch?

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Forget Gift Cards! This Is Your New Go-To Gift Giving

When it comes to gift-giving, we’re not all on top of our game. Half the time we wander around the store, wondering what someone might actually like, and then end up buying a gift card because it just seems easier. Why give them the hassle of having to exchange something and instead just give them the pleasure of a little shopping on you, right?

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