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The Force Is Strong With This Tweet

We have a confession to make. We have an unhealthy obsession, and it’s just time to come clean. That’s right. We have an unhealthy obsession…with emoji. We just can’t stop using those little silly faces and fun icons! What better way is there to have a conversation then by sending an entire string of pictures and faces? It’s like turning a conversation into a riddle that other person has to solve!

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Now We’re 3D Printing…With Fabric!

At this point, we’re all quite familiar with the idea of 3D printing. We’ve heard countless stories about it, heard of countless different printers you can buy for your own home use, and have even heard of 3D printers that can print food! We’d personally like to see an increase in those printers. But, here’s a new one that only Disney could come up with.

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Turn Your Nail Into An Instant Track Pad

We use our computers, smartphones, and tablets for a lot of different things. We watch YouTube videos, we look up recipes, we read books, well, you know just how much you use those devices! But, as you’ve probably encountered, there is a fundamental problem with those devices. They’ve yet to develop the ability to be controlled by mind power!

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Friday Video: What The Magician Sees

We love magic tricks. There’s no denying it. We’re fascinated by everything from slight of hand tricks to tricks so impressive we’re pretty sure they involve actual magic. Every time we see a trick, we try so hard to figure out just how the magician is doing it, but alas, the mystery remains just that - a mystery.

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It’s Time To Find Your Twin Stranger

We all like to believe that we’re unique and different. There’s no one in the world who’s quite like us! Now, don’t get us wrong, we totally believe that…to a point. But, what if you walked out your front door and bumped into a complete and total stranger…that looked just like you!?

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