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2-Pack Vent-Miser Programmable Energy Saving Vents - in Brown or White

The Vent-Miser Programmable Energy-Saving Vent lets you program your vent to automatically open and close, controlling airflow in unoccupied rooms to save you money. Shut down the heating or cooling in spare guest rooms; bedrooms during the day; kitchens, dining room, and office at bed time to prevent wasted energy. Choose the size and color you need to heat and cool only the rooms you choose and save on energy costs with the Vent-Miser Programmable Energy-Saving Vent.

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Sound Activated LED Spot Light- 2 Pack 

With the Sound-Activated LED Spotlight 2-Pack, you'll never have to worry about stumbling in the dark again. These sound-activated units each contain four bright LEDs that will shine for about fifteen seconds before automatically shutting off. Great for use in a stairwell, hallway, closet, or anywhere you need light, the Sound-Activated LED Spotlight 2-Pack is battery-operated, so there are no wires or complicated installation.

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2-Pack Garrity G-tech LED Flashlights with SureGrip Heavy Duty Rubber Grip (Random Colors)

With a Nichia 2x Brighter LED and a magnifying lens, the Garrity G-Tech LED Flashlight with SureGrip Heavy Duty Rubber Grip boasts 85 hours of battery life, ten times longer than a standard incandescent flashlight. Its plastic and rubber construction is lightweight and shock-resistant, while the rubber grip makes the flashlight slip proof. Powered by 4 'AAA' batteries each, a set of two of these brightly colored flashlights is the perfect Halloween and everyday flashlight choice.

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2-Pack Water Resistant Aluminum Super Bright 14 LED Flashlight

The Water Resistant Aluminum Super Bright 14 LED Flashlight is an energy efficient flashlight that uses the brighter, longer-lasting light of LED bulbs. The low energy consumption of this flashlight means your batteries will last even longer, keeping the flashlight working when you need an emergency light. With this two-pack deal, keep a Water Resistant Aluminum Super Bright 14 LED Flashlight in your home, garage, car, or anywhere to be prepared in an emergency.

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2-Pack Sure Fit Side Seat Auto Organizer

End the disappearing act and the dreaded sunglass crunch in your car with the Sure Fit Side Seat Auto Organizer. Hang it from the driver or passenger seat in your vehicle to keep items close at hand - and keep your car clutter free. Organizers features three pockets that stay conveniently where you need them most so you can get your phone, flashlight, sunglasses, notepad, and more organized and right at your fingertips with the Sure Fit Side Seat Auto Organizer.

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