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Walmart Is Ready To Take On Amazon

We love doing a little online shopping from time to time, but if there’s something we really need sooner rather than later, we’d rather make the trek out to the store itself. Sure, that means getting in our car, driving to the store, and wandering around for at least 30 minutes before walking out with our purchase…plus maybe a few impulse buys…in hand, but at least we didn’t pay shipping right?

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Out of Toilet Paper? Just Push A Button!

We are all painfully aware that yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and while some of you may have pulled pranks on loved ones, a lot of April Fooling came from different brands and sites across the Internet. Samsung had a “smartknife”, Google let you play PacMan in Google Maps, and there was also a new shoe called the Selfie Shoe. Let’s just be really thankful that one is in fact fake!

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The Fire Phone: Everything Amazon at your fingertips

Shopaholics, beware: Amazon just made it way easier to impulse-buy with a simple touch of a button.

The new Fire Phone debuted Wednesday, and while it resembles most Android phones in structure and size, the retail giant promises big differences to make the Fire stand out among its competitors. It’s also the newest and most convenient way to shop at Amazon.

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Amazon Offers $8-Per-Month Prime in Time for Holiday Shopping

If you’ve been thinking about checking out Amazon’s Prime service but aren’t ready to commit to a $79 annual fee, the online retailer’s new option may be what you’re looking for. The $7.99 subscription option gives you a month of Amazon Prime features – free two-day shipping and access to the online streaming video library and Kindle lending library – for a month.

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