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Personalized Heating For Every Room In Your Home

When it comes to home heating, we’re not a one-temp-fits-all kind of person. We want our living room to be that perfect just-right temp, we want our kitchen slightly warmer so we don’t freeze our little toes on the floor, and we want our bedroom slightly colder so we can snuggle up like burritos in our covers. But, even with a smart thermostat, we still can’t seem to find that right mix of temps.

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Wednesday Wonder: Somabar

There’s no denying, with the holidays right around the corner, that you’re bound to have a few very long days! Between holiday shopping, work, and the thousand and ten people you have to see, you’re about ready to hibernate like a bear for the rest of the year. That, or at least finally sit down on your couch with a drink in hand.

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It’s Time To Brew A Fresh Pot Through Your Phone

There are two things we need in the morning in order to get through the day. The first, naturally, is breakfast. Toss some Lucky Charms in a bowl, and we’re golden. The second is something we need both for our sanity and for the protection of all the poor souls around us, and that’s coffee! Load us up with that sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods and we’ll happily be on our way.

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