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Turn Your Nail Into An Instant Track Pad

We use our computers, smartphones, and tablets for a lot of different things. We watch YouTube videos, we look up recipes, we read books, well, you know just how much you use those devices! But, as you’ve probably encountered, there is a fundamental problem with those devices. They’ve yet to develop the ability to be controlled by mind power!

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Wednesday Wonder: The Stratos Card

There’s a whole bunch of new technology out there meant to help us consolidate our wallet. There’s Apple Pay, of course, and then all the other mobile wallets other smartphone companies came out with to compete with Apple Pay. But, don’t worry. There’s also options for carrying physical cards too, like the Coin which had some popularity last year. But, it seems none of those options have really struck a cord with consumers quite yet.

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Maybe Now You’ll Stop Losing Your Wallet

There’s a reason the saying “I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body” exists. It’s because if there’s one thing all humans share, it’s the amazing ability to lose all of our stuff. One minute you’ve got your wallet, and the next you literally have no idea where it went. Somehow it ended up in the freezer, behind the waffles, and you can’t even remember going in there. It’s a problem.

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This Is How The Other Half Entertains

When it comes to entertaining our friends and family at some sort of shin-dig, we don’t want to skimp. We make sure the music is pumping, only the finest hot dogs are on the grill, and everyone’s favorite drinks are chilling in the cooler. But, at this point, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on at this party. The speaker’s over there, the cooler’s over here, and the grill is in the middle of it all. So, why not just cram a few of those things together?

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Welcome To The Smart Age, Carry-On Luggage

We’ve all heard the horror stories of luggage at the airport. Things getting lost, damaged, stolen, and who knows what else! That’s why our biggest traveling nightmares always involve our luggage. We wake up screaming because we’ve just had yet another horrific dream about having to spend our entire vacation in the sweats we wore to the airport! Oh, the horror!

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