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Let Me Charge My Phone…AAAND It’s Done

If you’re like most people, your phone is practically a third limb. It’s never far from your hand and it has everything you could ever need while you’re on-the-go. You’re pulling it out to check your calendar, mindlessly read your Facebook timeline, and perhaps even make the ever-so-old school phone call.

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It’s a Two-For-One Special!!

When it’s Thursday night and it’s time for bed, you barely have enough mental capacity to remember to plug in your phone. You’re too distracted by your bed’s siren call and the thoughts of weekend plans that dance through your head. Wake up the next morning and you realize you forget to plug in the backup battery for your phone. Looks like no lunch time Candy Crush session for you!

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Key-Shaped iPhone Charger

You’ve probably seen those key-shaped USB flash drives so you won’t lose all your important files or those photos you took of all the food you ate last week. Oh wait, those are considered important files too huh? Well the people at Bluelounge thought a key-shaped USB was a great idea for a charger as well! Think about it - if you leave your house you almost always have your keys, but rarely take an extra phone charger, right? Well with the Bluelounge Kii, you can always have a charger with you (as long as you remembered to lock your home and bring your keys).

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eGear Mini Solar USB Charger 

The eGear Mini Solar USB Charger lets you easily charge personal electronic devices that are USB powered using either its USB port or solar panel. The eGear Mini Solar USB Charger features a power indicator that only illuminates when charging to save power - and it comes with a convenient attachment clip to hook it up to your keychain, bag, or purse to always have it with you when you need it.

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Scosche netVOLT Universal Netbook Car Charger with USB Charging Port

So the kids are all buckled in, ready to take on the next 500 miles on a carefully planned road trip to that amusement park with a cutesy mouse. In your pre-trip check, you remembered to pack snacks and toys to soothe potentially cranky passengers. After 100 miles into your trip - someone screams something about a sponge – you know, the one that lives in the sea – right then, you realized you forgot to pack the portable DVD player.

But, don’t panic – you can steer clear of Crankyville because you packed the Scosche Universal Car Charger for Netbooks. While you may have forgotten the DVD player, there is one thing you never leave home without – your trusty netbook. Hello Quietville.

After connecting the right adapter and plugging in your netbook to the Universal Car Charger, you can pop in the first of many DVDs – you get quiet kiddos the rest of the trip! What about you? To ensure your own sanity - there’s also a built-in USB Charging Port, which means while your spouse sings along off key to some oldies, and your kids laugh at some character with squarepants - you can plug in your iPod or iPhone, pop in some headphones, and launch some wingless, disgruntled looking birds into bodiless green pigs.


  • Comes with necessary tips to fit almost any netbook computer
  • Additional USB port allows for secondary device charging for iPod, iPhone, MP3, Blackberry and more
  • Built-in fuse protection for netbook and other devices
  • Charger boasts an LED indicator to show power status
  • Universal power adapter works with all models of netbooks.


  • Provides 50 watts of reliable power
  • Works with Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, Lenovo and more
  • Integrated 750mA USB port for charging additional devices
  • Includes six (6) color-coded adapters to make it easy to find the right connection for your netbook


  •  Input: 12vDC
  • Netbook Charging Output: 19vDC
  • USB Charging Output: 5vDC, 750mA
  • Compatibility: Acer Aspire One series; Dell Inspiron Mini series; Gateway LT1000, LT2000, and LT3000 series; HP mini; Samsung GO, N, and UMPC series; MSI Wind series; Toshiba NB 200 Series; Lenovo Idea Pad 4 series; Asus EEE PC Seashell series; Sony Vaio W series
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • Universal car charger with built-in USB charging port
  • Six (6) color-coded adapters

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