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Friday Video: Kids React To the Skip-It

Here’s a formula that always works out in favor of the viewer. Take a group of adorable, innocent people, stick them in front of a camera, and then hand them some random toy or gadget! Now watch as they stare at it with utter confusion in their eyes, trying to decipher what exactly this thing is. And that’s how you get a video of children reacting to a toy of our youth – The Skip-It!

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I Will Not Be Ignored! 

As children grow, they’re given new freedoms and new responsibilities. Eventually they get a phone, their curfews become later, and they’re free to hang out with their friends. But then, that dreaded day comes when all the freedom goes to their heads, and instead of hitting answer, they hit ignore when their parents call. BIG. MISTAKE.

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Wednesday Wonder: The LG Wearable For Kids

When it comes to wearable technology, our minds instantly drift to thoughts of smartwatches. You’ve got all the fun and games of your phone, boiled down into a smart gadget you get to wear right on your wrist! However, these fancy devices aren’t exactly geared towards children. There are no cute puppies or Marvel Avengers superheroes adorning the current smartwatch options. Although…even as adults we wouldn’t say no to an Iron Man watch. Just sayin.

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Reading, 3D Printer Style

3D printing isn’t just for toys and science experiments. It can also help kids read.

The Tactile Picture Books project, a venture headed by a team at the University of Colorado-Boulder, aims to convert picture books into 3D printed pages that visually impaired children can experience with ease. Raised illustrations help them follow along while their parents read to them; it’s a way to get children with visual disabilities to begin reading before they begin to train to read Braille.

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Top 5 Toys We Wish We Had When We Were Kids

Toys! That word itself probably brought a smile to your face. Most of us have very fond memories of the toys we had growing up, and the countless hours we spend playing with them. The toys we received as presents or from our parents after we begged for 24 straight hours. We loved every second of the whole experience. We wouldn’t change it for a second. But, there are so many cool toys nowadays that might be worth losing some of that time with our throwback toys. Kids don’t know how good they have it with all these amazing tech and non-tech play-things.

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