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Wednesday Wonder: The Brik Case

When it comes to personal electronics, we like to jazz things up! That plain silver design just isn’t doing it for us, so we go out and we buy special cases, put stickers all over the place, and generally just slap our personality on that shiny, new gadget any way we can. Now, cases are fine. Cases can be removed if you ever have to, say, take your laptop to work. Stickers…well, that’s a problem.

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Future of Computing: Water-Based Computers

. Researchers at Aalto University have figured out a way to use water droplets to represent 0s and 1s on a logic board, a system they refer to as “superhydrophobic droplet logic.”

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Crab Swarm Crawls into Computer Technology

Some computers have a mind of their own - at times being difficult and even seeming moody - but Japanese scientists have put together a computer that is quite literally "crabby."

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For New Delhi, India, the typewriter is anything but a relic 

Most of us consider the typewriter a thing of the past, as computers and laptops seem to have stolen the show from the once seen hot commodity (we still totally dig them and wouldn’t mind having a vintage piece of our own, though).

In New Delhi, India, however, the typewriter lives on despite India’s deciding last year to “remove typewriter production as a component of its wholesale price index measuring inflation.”

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