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Now Your Stove Is Getting A Smart Makeover

Cooking is something that we all have to do, although most of us are mere amateurs at best! Mac n cheese, spaghetti, hot dogs, we can whip all those up no problem. Start giving us recipes with crazy ingredients, crazy cook times, and a need to babysit the stove, well then we’ve got an issue.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Cinder Sensing Cooker

When it comes to cooking, we all know that it’s part creativity and part science. You gotta be creative so you can come up with new and interesting food choices, but you better know the science behind just how long to cook that steak! Hey, no food poisoning around here. And, let’s be honest, for the average at-home chef that last part is where cooking gets us every time!

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Wednesday Wonder: Drop Scale

We’ve all probably had our turn in the kitchen, whipping up some cookies or a cake or some other delicious treat. And no, squeezing pre-made dough from a refrigerated tube doesn’t count! We’re talking real, adding in ingredients, baking here. And if you’ve done just that, then you know this isn’t like a Bob Ross painting! Mistakes can’t be turned into pretty accidents.

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They say men are from Mars, women are from Venus. But it turns out we’ve both been on the wrong planet this entire time. Jupiter is where the party’s at. We’re going to start a petition begging NASA to hurry up with their Juno mission to Jupiter because of one very important fact that was just explained to us by scientists at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Jupiter has the best french fries in the galaxy.

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Who Needs Culinary School!

Cooking is a skill that some like to pretend they have. We’re talking about those people who walk into a kitchen and start throwing things into a pot, hoping that they’ll come out as some sort of tasty meal. In reality, they come out looking like a pile of mush even the dog won’t touch. Then there are others who think they can “eyeball” things, but to them what should be a tablespoon of pepper, winds up more like five.

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