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Friday Video: Ridiculously Happy Puppy

We all love Christmas, but we can all admit that it gets a little stressful around this time of year. Family is leaking out of the woodwork left and right, everyone is having a party practically every night, and you haven’t had time to sit down for more than 15 minutes in about 2 weeks. But, now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s finally time to relax!

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Friday Video: Disney Movies Dog Style

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, which means everyone’s basically doing one of two things. They’re either still in a food coma from eating more turkey and pumpkin pie than any human should consume or they’re nursing whatever injuries were sustained from trying to scoop up those early Black Friday deals.

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The World’s tiniest chameleons happen to be in Madagascar 

This Lilliputian lizard is adorably small, as you can see in the picture; the newly-discovered creature measures about 30 millimeters, or the size of the tip of a match—and is being considered one of the smallest vertebrae known to date.

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Are you ready for the Puppy Bowl VIII? 

With the spotlight on the obvious highlight of next weekend, Super Bowl XLV, we can’t forget the more adorable Puppy Bowl VIII featured on Animal Planet.

That’s right, it’s time to “get your cuddly on.” Flip on Animal Planet February 5 at 3PM (don’t worry, the Super Bowl starts at 6:30, so you won’t miss anything) to catch a bunch of cute puppies duke it out for this year’s title. See puppies from all over compete in the puppy game that is now on its 8th year. This year’s game will feature excessive cuteness, along with jaw-dropping interceptions and puppy touchdowns—one puppy will be named the Puppy Bowl MVP based on game performance.

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