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Finding The Perfect Palette Is As Easy As Hitting The Spacebar

We’ve all experienced plenty of times where we’ve sat back and thought to ourselves, “do these two colors really go together?” Maybe it was while you were picking out an outfit for the day, maybe you were picking colors for a big event, maybe you were considering a change in décor for your home, or maybe you were trying to come up with some amazing design for work. No matter the reason, you’re no artist and couldn’t really say whether that color went with that.

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Reading, 3D Printer Style

3D printing isn’t just for toys and science experiments. It can also help kids read.

The Tactile Picture Books project, a venture headed by a team at the University of Colorado-Boulder, aims to convert picture books into 3D printed pages that visually impaired children can experience with ease. Raised illustrations help them follow along while their parents read to them; it’s a way to get children with visual disabilities to begin reading before they begin to train to read Braille.

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It’s a power outage, oh no! It’s so dark and scary. If only you had a jar full of lightning bugs! Or a silicone and luminous pigment-filled light bulb! Yeah, let’s go with the second one – it’s in the title so we’re guessing that’s what we should be focusing on (sorry, lightning bugs). Why would you ever settle with a battery powered flashlight when you make a “luminous bulb” from scratch in only 11 easy-ish steps??

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Tarzan Would Like This Sleeping Arrangement

Apartments, typically, are not exactly regal living spaces. Wait, strike that. Your apartment might be the size of a room in Buckingham palace…if that room is the linen closet. So, when it comes to apartment living, it’s all about what you really need. Sure you might want that comfy couch in your living room, but all that fits is this oh so classy bean bag chair. Alright then, it’s time to get creative with that closet you call a home.

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It’s Up to You Cup – for Hot and Cold Drinks at the Same Time

With the “It’s Up to You Temperature-Controlled Cup” you can carry a hot drink and a cold drink –in the same container. Splitting a standard thermos down the center, the It’s Up to You Cup lets you keep cold and hot water – or cold and hot drinks – together.

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