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Wednesday Wonder: Giant Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Now you can give treats to your dog the same way you get yours! Introducing this week’s Wednesday Wonder: the Giant Pez Dog Treat Dispenser. It’s not exactly like your everyday human Pez dispenser – it doesn’t even dispense Pez! We’re actually confused about why they even call it a Pez dispenser then… But nevertheless, this dispenser’s most obvious difference is its size. It measures 8’’ tall, and it holds dog biscuits instead of those chalky Pez candies. They must be awesome though, look how happy that puppy in the picture is - he so doesn’t want to chew the face off that dispenser!

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iFetch Will Play With Your Dog For You!

We know you love your dog – but sometimes you need a break, and playing fetch with your pooch is the last thing you want to do. I mean, you’re probably at least two episodes behind on True Blood right? Well we have a solution for you: iFetch! If you rather catch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, have a snooze on the couch, or do whatever – then you can just set up the iFetch and do so!

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BarkBox: Goodies for Dogs

Woof Woof! That's your dog asking you for a BarkBox. What is it, you ask? BarkBox is a subscription-based service that sends pet owners a box of goodies on a monthly basis! It was originally a side project created by Matt Meeker - who previously co-founded and Wee Web, and served as EIR at Polaris Ventures running Dogpatch Labs. Barkbox is a service designed for those who are a little bit “obsessed” with their dogs. These customers tend to be women (80 percent), but can be anyone who owns a furry canine friend! To date, more than 20,000 customers are now receiving their monthly boxes, which are currently available in “small,” “medium,” and “large,” based on the size of the dog. There are also plans to add even more personalized options when ordering a BarkBox - since we all know that dogs differ in many other ways besides size!

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Dog Collar That Tracks Your Dog on Your Smartphone

Are you a dog owner with a canine friend that LOVES to explore a little more than you would like? Or – do you love your dog so much you want to know what they are doing every second of the day? Then this new dog collar accessory developed by Whistle is for you! The Whistle is designed to track your dogs every move, and then display all the data it collects on your smartphone. This is an on-collar device that measures ALL of your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest – it even tracks who is spending time with your dog, whether it’s you or family/friends while you’re away. The Whistle essentially paints a picture of your pet’s health and activity, tracking trends over time.

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Brighten your dog’s paws with Warren London’s Pawdicure Polish Pens 

Dogs are getting some luxurious treatment these days, and the more we think about it, the more we want to adopt their pampered lifestyle: a personal DogTV, an exclusive Puppy Tweet so they always get what they need, even a dog Snuggie for lounging around the house being lazy! The way the dogs are becoming more (scarily) human leaves us in awe, and we’re a little bit jealous. But anything for our furry friends!

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