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Wednesday Wonder: DogTV

Your dog no longer has to feel alone while you work all day, thanks to the canine-focused cable programming of DogTV.

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Are you ready for the Puppy Bowl VIII? 

With the spotlight on the obvious highlight of next weekend, Super Bowl XLV, we can’t forget the more adorable Puppy Bowl VIII featured on Animal Planet.

That’s right, it’s time to “get your cuddly on.” Flip on Animal Planet February 5 at 3PM (don’t worry, the Super Bowl starts at 6:30, so you won’t miss anything) to catch a bunch of cute puppies duke it out for this year’s title. See puppies from all over compete in the puppy game that is now on its 8th year. This year’s game will feature excessive cuteness, along with jaw-dropping interceptions and puppy touchdowns—one puppy will be named the Puppy Bowl MVP based on game performance.

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Does your dog need a new toy?

If you’ve ever trained a puppy, it’s quite the task—often times, a tiring task (despite how darn cute they are). This Kickstarter will make sure your dog is trained right, effortlessly.

Michael Newman, designer of the Amazing Treat Machine, said he “created the original Amazing Treat Machine for [his] dog, Hustler, after he was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia. Realizing he could no longer run and fetch his tennis ball (and Hustler LOVES tennis balls), [he] needed to create a game that would keep him engaged and happy.

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