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That’s One In-Flight Meal We’d Happily Eat

As you set out on whatever journey you’re going on, the first thing you do is put on those lovely rose-colored glasses! You tell yourself that everything will run smoothly. You won’t hit any traffic, the weather will corporate, and your plane will take off exactly on time, just like it’s supposed to. Oh, sweet, sweet naïve person. Remove your glasses…because that never happens.

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This week’s Friday video is INSANE – with all caps because it’s that cool. We can’t explain why this video of falling dominoes is so mesmerizing to watch. It’s like we turn into one of those snakes who gets all hypnotized by the snake charmer’s pungi (real thing – look it up). But we’re not complaining. Watch and be amazed by Havesh5 and milliondollarboy’s INSANE collaboration below.

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Drones To Deliver Pizzas in the Future?

Pizza delivery is something most people love because of its convenience and, well… who doesn’t like pizza showing up at the door? It’s also something that has been the same for many, many years. There have been improvements on how to keep the pizza warm during travel and distinguish delivery cars from normal ones – but those are small changes. Domino’s is looking to make a HUGE change to pizza delivery by using drones instead of the played out, stereotypical pizza delivery boy in his rusty Honda.

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Domino’s Movie DVDs That Look and Smell Like Pizza

DVDs may be on their way out, but why not be creative with them while they are still around? Domino’s pizza has done just that – with their new marketing campaign! They have teamed up with Brazilian creative agency Artplan and local video rental stores to offer DVDS with special labels - which will appear on movies such as Argo, James Bond, and The Dark Knight.

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