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Get Ready To Change The Batteries On Your Scooter

If given the opportunity, we’d probably happily swap our car for an electric one. Hey, who wouldn’t want to ditch stopping for gas and help the environment while they’re at it? Except, here’s the problem with all electronics, motorized or not, you eventually have to plug them in! So, now instead of spending $30 and 5 minutes filling your car, you’re plugging it in and waiting hours for it to have a charge!

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Now they come out with Circuit Scribe? Where was this rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink when we were in Physics 101, hmm? Instead of doodling our name in bubble letters during class, we could have been doodling our name in bubble letters and turning it into a working circuit! Thereby creating quite possibly the greatest “Lisa” doodle there ever was and ever will be until the end of time.

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12V Electric Heating Windshield Ice Scraper 

No more fidgeting with bulky or laborious shovels and scrapers - with the 12V Electric Heating Windshield Ice Scraper, you can safely melt away ice from any vehicles windows in a flash. Its extra-long cord plugs into your vehicle's power outlet for access to virtually any window on the car. Plus, the rugged construction of this tool guarantees years of fuss-free use.

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