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Virtual Reality Meets At-Home Workouts

When it comes to working out, either at home or at the gym, there’s usually not much you can focus on to take your mind off how much you’re sweating. Sure, you’ve got your music in, maybe you’ve got a show on in the background, or you’re staring at Judge Judy with the captions on, but nothing really works. None of those are quite as distracting as say biking through the Italian countryside or making your way through a park in Los Angeles.

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Look At That Cat Go

Although cats may look like the lazy overlords of our homes, let’s not forget where their roots come from! That ferocious feline is the descendant of hunters and it hasn’t quite lost its need to hunt. Leave it in your home all alone for a few hours, and that new couch of yours is going to become its hunting target if you don’t find some other way to get rid of that energy.

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The Perfect Bike for Runners?

Apparently taking its design cues from much earlier bike models, the Fliz Bike replaces the seat with a harness and gears and pedals with foot-power.

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The Flying, Pace-Setting Fitness Coach of the Future

Advancing from learning skills themselves, quadrocopters have now advanced to training humans – like the Joggobot, a Parrot AR Drone that helps you keep pace on jogs, giving you extra motivation to keep moving.

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Wednesday Wonder: +++ Wearable Player

In case of a zombie-robot (or is that robot-zombie) cataclysm, the +++ Wearable Player would look like a rather minimal defensive weapon. But given our current lack of either zombie or robot armies, this “viral music player” seems like overkill for an exercise companion.

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