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Friday Video: Dogs Fail At Fetch

When it comes to dogs playing fetch, most of us assume that that’s just some unconscious ability that all dogs have. They know how to catch that ball the same way they seem to know to kick up grass after they’re done doing their business. But, even though they may know “how” to catch whatever is tossed their way, doesn’t mean they have skill.

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GoPro Is Going To The Dogs

As humans, we rarely walk around on all fours or dig a hole in the back yard or play tug-of-war with a chew toy between our teeth. Or maybe you do – who are we to judge? For the rest of us, we’re mostly doing activities on two legs and leaving the digging to our dogs. So we never really get a chance to see the world from our dog’s POV. What’s it like on the other end of a chew toy? It’s about time we found out.

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