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The Fire Phone: Everything Amazon at your fingertips

Shopaholics, beware: Amazon just made it way easier to impulse-buy with a simple touch of a button.

The new Fire Phone debuted Wednesday, and while it resembles most Android phones in structure and size, the retail giant promises big differences to make the Fire stand out among its competitors. It’s also the newest and most convenient way to shop at Amazon.

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Fire 2.0

Here in the 21st century, we like to take those things that we once used for survival, and turn them into things we use to stay connected to Facebook. Using things like fire for cooking food so you can live or staying warm so you don’t get frostbite and have to start chopping off appendages is so last decade. Now, we can use fire for a whole new purpose!

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Sometimes we get so frustrated with our iPhone we just want to throw it out the window.  We can’t say we’ve ever gone through with it, though. We’ve also never lit it on fire or covered it in peanut butter for our dog to lick off or dropped it in a mason jar full of Coke. But Jeremiah Warren has. And his poor iPhone 5S had to watch the whole thing. Warren filmed the destruction of two iPhones using his iPhone 5S at the slow-mo speed of 120fps.

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Cook dinner, AND charge your iPhone with the BioLite CampStove 

This wood-burning camping stove might look pretty standard, but there is a little bonus for those camp-enthusiasts who have always complained about “something” missing from their off-the-grid wilderness adventure.

Well, here it is—a camping stove with a USB-port gadget charger. Meaning, yes, you can charge your device by simply plugging it into the BioLite camping stove and burning twigs and sticks.

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