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It’s Out With The Sugar and In With The Coffee

Let’s face the facts. We could all use a little diet reboot when it comes to our eating habits. Too much fat, too many carbs, maybe one too many trips to that candy bar at work! Hey, we’ve all done it, which is exactly why about 108 million people try to kickstart their diet at least four or five times a year. But, every time you kickstart your diet, one thing is missing.

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Robot Bartenders That Take Drink Orders from Smartphones

Does the future of the restaurant and bar industry include - robots? We’re not sure - but Makr Shakr, an interactive mixology system, debuted this week at the Google I/O After Hours event in San Francisco. Here’s how it works: Order your drink from an app on your smartphone - The ingredients are released by a drink dispenser - A robotic arm will finish off the drink with any additions, like a lime slice or a quick shake - Your drink is sent down a conveyor belt for easy access

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Six bodacious burgers that are as unhealthy as they look 

“Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you want and let the food fight it out inside” – Mark Twain

1. Cheesecake Factory’s Ranch House Burger – Everything is better with a little bit of ranch. But somehow the contents in this delicious-looking patty amount to a seriously fat amount that’s leaving us a little frightened. Maybe order with light ranch, sans the bacon if you want to maintain your normal calorie intake for the day.

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