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The Key To Winning This Game? Selfies

We’ve all seen it, and don’t deny it, we’ve all done it too. We’ve taken out our phones, turned that camera around, and snapped a picture of ourselves. Maybe it was just a picture of our face, maybe we were trying to capture ourselves in front of something. Whatever it may be, we’ve all done it. We’ve all taken a selfie.

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It’s App Madness

When it comes to apps, we can all go a little app-crazy. We play for hours on end, forsaking all human interaction, we spend real money on fake games, all because our Facebook friends won’t respond to our item requests, and we just generally lose our minds. But, for all our insane obsessing over a game, someone, somewhere is getting rich.

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Time to pick a side: Google launches Ingress for iOS

Ever wanted to play an innovative reality app game that incorporates your real location into its maps, but you were Team Apple and couldn’t download it? Today, Google launched an iOS version of its game “Ingress” after two successful years on the Android market.

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Smarty Pins: A geography game that’s actually fun

Learning – or re-learning – geography has never been more enjoyable.

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How to Have Fun While Learning Code

Code writing is a useful, yet complicated, skill to learn and obtain. Does anyone without an aptitude for computer science have the patience to learn such an intricate language?

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