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Say Thank You To Those Who Protect Our Country

Remember back to grade school when you would celebrate Memorial Day? You probably had American flags all over the place, maybe some sort of show and tell where you’d talk about family members who fought or were still fighting, and then you’d sit down to pen a letter to a current military member.

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Selfie Is Out, Smelfie Is In!

Look, most of us spend our time slowly navigating under the Internet’s radar. We’ll go on and browse Facebook, we’ll post our occasional food picture to Instagram, maybe we’ll even come up with a new hashtag for Twitter, but it’s safe to say that most of use won’t break the Internet. Well, that is unless you’re a dad looking to share your woes with other dads.

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Wednesday Wonder: The HashKey

Let’s be real. Social media is hard work! First you have to actually get followers so it’s not just your mom reading your tweets, and then you have to actually think of something clever to say because constant tweets about what you had for lunch get super old, super fast. And then, no tweet or Instagram post is complete without the hashtag.

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Some might say we accessorize our text with emoji. Actually that’s just us saying that, but think about: After composing the perfect status about how happy you are that it’s finally warm outside (We suggest something with a lot of excess letters like “Sprinngggggg!”), the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your words is with a smiley with sunglasses, a cat with hearts for eyes, a sun, and maybe a few thumbs up.  So it’s obvious that the next logical step in this emojiation is to accessorize yourself with the same symbols…Right?

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Now That’s Something To Tweet About

Social media has practically taken over the world and made us its loyal and adoring subjects. And, despite how loyal we might be, checking our news feeds hourly or tweeting the most random thought that comes into our heads, what exactly has social media done for us? Seriously, what has it given us in return for our hours and hours of attention?

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