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Now This Is How We Should Track Food

There are plenty of apps and gadgets out there designed to help us be and stay healthy. But, when it comes to those food diary apps, there always seems to be one little problem. The app doesn’t just do it for you! You have to remember to actually open that app and log your food. Not only that, you actually have to remember what and how much you ate. That right there is sometimes no small feat.

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Wednesday Wonder – HAPIfork

Are you constantly being told that you eat too quickly?  Then the HAPIfork might just be for you – if only to keep peace with those who don’t approve of your eating habits (like your mother).  The oversized utensil is designed to prevent speed-eating, vibrating when you don’t leave enough time between bites.

In case you are really curious about your eating habits, the HAPIfork also uploads your biting data to an app or your computer so you can view your bites over time for each meal.  That may be a bit much for the average eater, but slower, more mindful eating is supposed to be good for your health in many ways.

Winner of a CES innovation award, this meal-friendly tech is perfect those looking for an attention-getting way to curb bad eating habits (as well as improve digestion and reduce weight) – or those who are simply way too interested in tracking every aspect of life.  For a $99 Kickstarter donation, you can reserve your own HAPIfork to take with you to every meal, so you never have to eat slowly alone.

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Chocolate is Good for You – At Least This Chocolate Is

Scientists at the University of Warwick have been hard at work solving one of humanity’s greatest problems: creating a healthier chocolate.

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