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The App That Gets You One Step Closer To The Past

If you wanted to learn about the past, you probably have some tried and true methods for getting information. There’s Google, of course, as well as relatives, pictures, and other documents you can track down. But, none of those really put you in the middle of history. Well…at least until we get Google Time Machine or something.

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Bringing History To Life…Sort Of

Have you ever looked at a picture of some historical event and thought, “gee, this would just be so much more entertaining if these pictures moved!” If you have, then you’ve either just completed a Harry Potter marathon (of books, movies, or both), or you visit the Internet so regularly that Gifs are just now a common part of your life.

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Let’s Take A Trip Through History

When it comes to learning about different eras gone by, there are a lot of ways to do it. You could read a book, watch a TV show, listen to a person who was actually there, or flip through a photo album! Nothing makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the roaring 20’s or enjoying some disco in the 70’s like classic photographs of that era!

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Print Out Your Own Dinosaur Bones – No, Really 

The Smithsonian has revealed a way for you to own the thing you never knew you needed: a physical replica of actual dinosaur bones.

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