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Wednesday Wonder: The BeOn Light Bulb

Back in the day, it might have been ok to keep your door unlocked, your windows wide open, and slap a neon sign that says “come on in” right outside your home. But now, things have changed. You probably don’t keep your door unlocked when you’re home, let alone when you’re away. In fact, when you leave your house, you probably lock it up tighter then a maximum security vault.

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Get That Weak Stuff Out Of Here

When it comes to locking our home when we leave during the day or when we go to bed at night, we aren’t messing around! We check doors, windows, and even triple check to make sure all the chains and locks are in place. Hey, you may call it obsessive…and we also call it obsessive…but mostly we call it just being overly cautious. Listen, we have a killer Pokemon card collection that we’re not quite ready to part with.

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