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Become The Eyes For Someone Who’s Blind

Let’s face it, those of us who are still gifted with the ability to see take a lot of things for granted! Imagine losing that ability and suddenly having to ask a friend when the milk expires because you can’t see the date. Life’s hard as it is, and it sure wouldn’t get any easier.

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Swipe Right For Adorable

If you haven’t heard of Tinder by now, then you’ve either been living under a rock or are successfully living off the grid. If you have heard of it, like probably 99.9% of the world, then you know it’s a dating app basically entirely focused on pictures. If you see someone you might be interested in, you swipe one way. Not your type? Swipe the other.

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The Emoji Keyboard Is Getting A Makeover

Anyone who has ever had an iPhone knows that when it came to keyboards, you had exactly two options. You could either use the plain jane keyboard and type out every, single word or you could spice up your conversation with a fun emoji every now and again. But, here’s the thing with that emoji keyboard. It wasn’t being used to its full potential!

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It’s Gif’s Turn To Enter The Keyboard Arena

Who doesn’t love the little emoji keyboard on their phone? There’s no better way to spice up a conversation then by sending a little picture of a smiley face, heart, fish, or any other random picture. But, do you know what those adorable pictures have been missing? Movement!

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Facebook Is At It Again

There are certain things that we look forward to each week. There are the shows that we watch on a regular basis, that feeling of finally welcoming the weekend on a Friday night, and, of course, the much anticipated news from Facebook. Seriously! It just wouldn’t be a normal week if there wasn’t some new feature or testing happening over in social media land!

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