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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Every Morning? Yes Please!

We’re coffee addicts. We can’t start our day without at least one cup of coffee and we usually have at least 10 more cups throughout the day. Ok, maybe 10 is pushing it, but you get the idea. And, our favorite type of coffee is the fresh kind. We can just smell that aroma now! The only problem is a fresh bag of ground coffee only stays fresh for so long, and we lack the skills to roast our own beans at home!

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Wednesday Wonder: The Light Phone

Let’s face it. We are all 100% obsessed with our phones! We freak out if it’s not with us, we’re constantly staring at the little screen, and the motion of scrolling has become as second nature as brushing our teeth. We even feel the urge to check that screen even when we know we shouldn’t like during a movie or while we’re sitting in traffic.

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Kettles May Be Out Of A Job

Everyone enjoys a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate or whatever other sort of beverage you like to drink. But, we suppose the thing we never really considered when it comes to those drinks is the energy we’re using to make that hot water. We just turn on the faucet, fill up the kettle, put it on the stove, and see how much Netflix we can watch before the kettle starts to whistle.

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Now This Is How We Should Track Food

There are plenty of apps and gadgets out there designed to help us be and stay healthy. But, when it comes to those food diary apps, there always seems to be one little problem. The app doesn’t just do it for you! You have to remember to actually open that app and log your food. Not only that, you actually have to remember what and how much you ate. That right there is sometimes no small feat.

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Dustpans Have Met Their Match

There are some cleaning tasks we can tolerate, and there are some that we just can’t stand to do! You might be ok washing the dishes, but you’d rather pay someone 50 bucks to go around and dust your house. But, while those various undesirable choirs may change from person to person, there’s one that probably rings true for all. We HATE having to use a dustpan.

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