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It’s Time To Insure That Money

There’s nothing quite like a good crowd-funding campaign! What’s better than feeling like you helped launch some cool new product, while getting some pretty sweet swag back in return. Nothing…if that’s what actually happens.

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Detangling Christmas Lights Is A Thing Of The Past

It’s hard not to love the holidays! There’s delicious food, happy people, and beautiful decorations to see everywhere you go. But, here’s the one thing most of us can agree on. As much as we might love the holidays, we don’t exactly like getting ready for them. In particular, we could do without the Christmas lights!

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Wednesday Wonder: The CinniBird Spice Pen

Even if you’re not a regular and might normally shun a $5 latte, you know you like to indulge every once in a while. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself! But, the best part of that latte isn’t the overall abundance of caffeine and sugar that will have you crashing in an hour. The best part is the artwork!

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We’d Like Our Bed With Extra Cheese

It's late Saturday night…or early Sunday morning, but potatoes patatoes, right? It’s early, you’re tired from spending the evening with your friends, and you’re just ready to go home and crawl into bed. But, is that regular, old, boring bed with its boring sheet set really gonna do it for you? Seriously, haven’t you ever just wanted to crawl into bed and say, curl up with your favorite food?

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Wednesday Wonder: The HashKey

Let’s be real. Social media is hard work! First you have to actually get followers so it’s not just your mom reading your tweets, and then you have to actually think of something clever to say because constant tweets about what you had for lunch get super old, super fast. And then, no tweet or Instagram post is complete without the hashtag.

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