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It’s Time To Dust Off Those Solitaire Skills

Listen, everyone has done it. You’re sitting at your desk, there’s a lull in work or you just need to give your brain a rest for a while, so you move that cursor over until it’s hovering above the solitaire button. Did you click? Do you play a quick little game, just for a refresh of the old brain? Of course you do! 45 minutes later, you realize it’s probably time to get back to work.

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Now This Is How Gaming Should Be

Everyone’s probably played a video game at least once in their lives. We know we’ve run ourselves off Rainbow Road more times then we can count! But, no matter how much fun we have shooting blue winged shells of doom at our opponents, we’re starting to get over the whole controller-in-hand concept of gaming!

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The Old School Video Game Comeback: Indulge Your Inner Child

The golden age of video game classics like “Star Fox,” the first “Sims” and “The Legend of Zelda” are no longer lost in our nostalgic brains. The 2014 E3 conference presented all of these games and more to tickle the inner child (or teen) in all of us.

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Let Me Charge My Phone…AAAND It’s Done

If you’re like most people, your phone is practically a third limb. It’s never far from your hand and it has everything you could ever need while you’re on-the-go. You’re pulling it out to check your calendar, mindlessly read your Facebook timeline, and perhaps even make the ever-so-old school phone call.

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Apparently “scroogled” is a word now. Our Microsoft Word program still gives it a red squiggly line. We guess it didn’t get the memo from the boss.  Microsoft has started a campaign called “Don’t Get Scroogled” and it’s all about how awful Google is, how it reads all your emails, how it doesn’t clean the dishes (we made that one up), etc. etc. etc. It wouldn’t be such a terrible campaign if Microsoft wasn’t acting so immature. Case and point: these t-shirts. 

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