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Windows 8.1 – Start Button Is Back, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

There have been rumors of the return of the Start button to Windows 8.1. Many old-school Windows users miss the Start button with its convenient menu that would allow the user to search their whole system. This rumor had many Windows users leaping for joy! We hate to burst any bubbles – but the Start button that many know and love appears to be gone forever. The Start button that will be included in the Windows 8.1 update - won’t be the same as the old version.

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Microsoft Borrows Siri for a Hilarious Ad

Apple’s Siri is known for her occasional snarky comments when asked certain questions. So, Microsoft has decided to poke fun at this sometimes sassy virtual assistant in their latest Windows tablet commercial. Check it out here (via YouTube). Titled “Less talking, more doing” - the commercial uses Siri to showcase what a Windows tablet (in this case an Asus VivoTab Smart running Windows 8) can do in comparison to an iPad, using some hilarious comments from Siri.

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Microsoft Surface: The newest edition to NFL sidelines

Attention all NFL football fans! Yesterday while announcing the Xbox One, Microsoft also announced a partnership with the NFL in which an immersive NFL experience would come to the new console AND add new technology on the sidelines of the games. The Microsoft Surface will now replace many of the very outdated methods that NFL coaches and players currently use to communicate, plan, and view previous plays during the games.

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Introducing the New Xbox… Xbox One.

Microsoft unveiled their new Xbox gaming system today, and it will do so much more than play games. The Xbox One will be an all-in-one entertainment system. With voice activation, new more responsive Kinect, a slot-loading Blu-ray optical drive, ability to stream live television, and a sleek new look – the new system sure looks and sounds impressive.

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 - Year of the Dragon Red 

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is an artistic mouse that will help you show off your personal style and feel inspired as you work on your computer. This limited edition mouse works on difficult surfaces with a Nano Transceiver that can stay plugged in to your computer, even on the go. With up to eight months of battery life, the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is designed for comfort in either hand and lets you treat yourself to a piece of art that works.

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