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Would You Trust Facebook With Your Money?

A lot of us use Facebook on a daily basis. We may not post a lot, and maybe we don’t comment or like a whole lot either, but we do scroll through the news feed and maybe use that Messenger app we were forced to download every once in a while. Well, it looks like Facebook is trying to reel you back in with a new feature to the Messenger app. But whether it’ll actually get people running back is hard to say.

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Now Playing Games Can Pay Off

If playing online trivia games was a profession, well, we’re pretty sure we’d be a star employee. Each and every trivia game is more addicting than the next! You get an answer right, and you just want to keep going so you can rack up the points. Get an answer wrong and now you just have to make up for that embarrassing moment of weakness. It’s just a never-ending cycle of fun facts!

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It’s Time To Insure That Money

There’s nothing quite like a good crowd-funding campaign! What’s better than feeling like you helped launch some cool new product, while getting some pretty sweet swag back in return. Nothing…if that’s what actually happens.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Plastc Card

If you took out your wallet right now, you’d probably find more cards then one person should have on them at any given time. Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards that only have 5 bucks left on them, and loyalty cards from practically everywhere you go because you don’t know how to say NO. Now, imagine all those cards boiled down into one! Imagine how thin your wallet could be!

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Wednesday Wonder: The eBay Valet App

When it comes time to do a little spring cleaning around the house, you’ve usually got one of three choices. That item can either wind up in the garbage dump, get tossed in the donation bag, or be put aside as a potential money-making item. But, let’s be real. That garbage will wind up in the dumpster and that donation bag will eventually get donated, but what about that pile of sale items?

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