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It’s A Party In Your Bathroom

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. You wake up, groggy and slightly crabby, to find that you have to make a night-time visit to the bathroom. So, you stumble down the hallway, pretty sure that you could fall asleep standing up, and eventually somehow make it to the bathroom without running into any walls in the pitch black of night.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Alba Bulb

We know, we know. You’ve seen your fair share of “smart” gadgets and it seems like every day something new is coming out that you can finally control with your smartphone. Light bulbs, thermostats, even kitchen appliances! But, have you ever considered how “smart” they actually are?

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The Trashcan that Never Misses

Using the Kinect-controlled trashcan, you’ll never know how good your aim is, but discarded papers won’t stand a chance of hitting the floor.

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