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Friday Video: Bach And Jackson 5? Trust Us, This Mashup Works!

There are some mashups that work well together. Take, for example, chicken and waffles. Who knew that poultry would go so well with breakfast food? But, then, there are things that should really never get within 500 ft of each other. Donuts and burgers? That’s just a disaster waiting to happen!

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Earbuds 3D Printed To Perfectly Match Your Ears

Try as hard as you might, finding a pair of earbuds that actually stay in your ears like they’re supposed to is basically impossible. It seems like every pair is bound to fall out of your ears when you cough, turn your head the wrong way, or start exercising. They’ll even fall out of your ears for no apparent reason, like they’re possessed!

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Friday Video: Text Me Merry Christmas

Yes, we know Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet and so we shouldn’t be listing to Christmas music…the bird deserves its moment in the sun too…but, we just couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve finally got a modern Christmas song that’s sure to be the anthem of a whole bunch of relationships out there.

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Wednesday Wonder: The iCalmDog

There’s probably quite a few of us who have a canine companion at home. Some of us might have brand new puppies filled with puppy energy and others might have older dogs who would much rather chill on the couch than play fetch. But, no matter the age of your four-legged friend, they all share one thing in common and that’s their own fair share of anxiety.

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These Earbuds Aren’t For The Casual Listener

When it comes to listening to music, a wide majority of us use plain old, boring earbuds while we’re on the go. Toss them in your bag and yank them out when you need them. Simple as that. But, because a majority of us use earbuds, we also understand the sheer torture and agony they put us through. They’re crumpled balls of wire that never stay in our ears! EVER!

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