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Hotels Are Getting A 21st Century Upgrade

Sure, it may not be home, but every once in a while it can be nice to actually stay in a hotel. You don’t have to worry about making the bed, food can magically appear right at your door, and you can even instantly get a toothbrush without having to rush out to the closest convenient store. But, as nice as it is, there are always a few upgrades that can be made to improve the experience.

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Hacked: The Virtual Reality of Oculus Rift

The revolutionized virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, lets you control video games as though you’re in the middle of the action. Now, an ingenious hack into the game system gives players a third-person perspective – on themselves.

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Facebook Is At It Again

If you’re tired of hearing about Facebook and their antics, then you better brace yourself because the stories aren’t done yet. The social media giant, who’s practically taken over the world, is at it again. This time they’ve dived into their Scrooge McDuck-like vault of gold not to buy a popular app, but to invest in our science fiction fantasies.

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