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The App That Gets You One Step Closer To The Past

If you wanted to learn about the past, you probably have some tried and true methods for getting information. There’s Google, of course, as well as relatives, pictures, and other documents you can track down. But, none of those really put you in the middle of history. Well…at least until we get Google Time Machine or something.

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Who Really Needs A Screen Anyway?

When it comes to the special moments in life like birthdays, concerts, or vacations, we naturally want to remember them in all their glorious detail. So, instead of watching the scene unfold with our own two peepers, we whip out the camera and record the moment so we can hold onto it forever. Now we have a hilarious video of a 1-year-old smashing a cake to pieces, but we completely missed actually seeing the moment!

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Behold the “selfie stick”

Only so many people can squeeze together in front of a smartphone or GoPro to capture the perfect group selfie. It’s also pretty hard to get the right kind of personal selfie when your arms limit your reach. But we live in a world full of solutions to problems we never knew we had, and this unique selfie situation is no different. Introducing the “selfie stick,” a one-of-a-kind, extendable pole designed to enhance your personal selfie game.   

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Get Ready for An Explosion of Pictures

Facebook can be a great tool, but sometimes it can get downright annoying. Listen, when we want to Facebook stalk some event we didn’t get invited to, we don’t want to hunt down all the albums of all the people there! That takes time away from the picture viewing! Why can’t they just make it easy for all of us and put the pictures in one convenient place. Well, wish no more.

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Wednesday Wonder – Projecteo

We were under the impression that slide projectors and ViewMasters were the photo-viewing methods of past, but Projecteo wants to bring slideshows into the future – with a little help from your best Instagram shots. The Kickstarter project wants to turn those creatively-filtered images into 35 mm slide film reels that you can then show on a miniature projector.

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