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The New Way To Order Dominos

In recent years, we’ve moved way beyond having to actually call and place an order for pizza. Now, we can go online, make all our selections, and not even talk to a single human being! We can even sit and watch a little progress bar in hungry anticipation. But, even going online to order can sometimes take some time. The problem is we’re hungry now! We can’t take 5 minutes to place an order.

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Forget Mind Power, It’s All About Eye Power

We’ve all wished, at some point, while laying on the couch and never wanting to move again…ever…that we had crazy mind powers. One, concentrated look at the remote that we forgot to grab before we got comfy, and it would just shoot into our hands. We would be unstoppable!

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We’d Like Our Bed With Extra Cheese

It's late Saturday night…or early Sunday morning, but potatoes patatoes, right? It’s early, you’re tired from spending the evening with your friends, and you’re just ready to go home and crawl into bed. But, is that regular, old, boring bed with its boring sheet set really gonna do it for you? Seriously, haven’t you ever just wanted to crawl into bed and say, curl up with your favorite food?

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Never fear: pizza is just a tap away

Ordering pizza is a fairly simple task nowadays, especially when we don’t have to actually talk to a live person because we can order online instead. But sometimes laziness and need for near-spontaneous pizza arrival outweigh the frustration of choosing toppings, adding a tip and then having to wait for delivery.

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That’s One In-Flight Meal We’d Happily Eat

As you set out on whatever journey you’re going on, the first thing you do is put on those lovely rose-colored glasses! You tell yourself that everything will run smoothly. You won’t hit any traffic, the weather will corporate, and your plane will take off exactly on time, just like it’s supposed to. Oh, sweet, sweet naïve person. Remove your glasses…because that never happens.

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