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Priceplunge invades SXSW

In the heart of Austin, TX you will find many things—food trucks, street performers, live music, historic buildings, and friendly people who are even willing to buy you a taco for lunch. But come March time, Austin is literally overtaken by people coming from all over the world for the South by Southwest Festival, better known as SXSW. 

SXSW started as a music conference and later evolved into an interactive space for worldwide tech innovators to share stories, techniques for the solving of widely faced problems, and for manufacturers to introduce new upcoming geeky gadgets at the tradeshow. SXSW is a place for startups, blogs, businesses, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and musicians, to connect on a personal level and extend their overall goal of storytelling, networking, and furthering their knowledge by hearing notable worldwide speakers talk about their journeys through the tech world.

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What We Do

Just to set the record straight and correct any misconceptions about Priceplunge and what we really do - and hopefully get a few laughs, as well.  Not to mention, this just happens to be our favorite from the "What I Really Do" memes - for obvious reasons.


Welcome to the Plunge Report

We’ve taken Plunging to a whole new level... Welcome to the Plunge Report!

A dedicated team is working hard to plunge you the quirkiest news, coolest gadgets, and any sort of random odds and ends that we think you might enjoy; along with extensive descriptions of our fabulous daily deals so you are in the know (did somebody say Black Friday?).

Warning: posts may be accidentally hilarious, somewhat ridiculous, and at times, extremely geeky (we’re undeniable nerds here).

Have any suggestions for the blog? Post a comment, shoot us an e-mail, or post a comment to our Facebook page.

More coming soon...