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And POOF, It’s Gone!

Even if you’re texting back and forth with your very best friend in the whole entire world, the one you would trust with all your secrets, there are still those times where you think…”should I have sent that?” You send that ranting text message about your boyfriend, friend, or whoever, and instantly you wish you had a time machine so you could unsend that message. Only bad can come from the message you just sent.

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Even A Cookie Isn’t Worth That Much

There's probably a lot that you could convince us to do if you were willing to pay us in cookies. Need help moving? Want someone to read your resume? Need someone to wash your car? We’ll even read you a bedtime story, and all for the low, low price of some homemade chocolate chip cookies! But, even that delicious chocolately disk of blissful heaven can’t convince us to hand over our personal information.

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Go Ahead, Watch Your Favorite Bad Movie. We Won’t tell

It’s probably fair to say that the vast majority of us have a Netflix account, or at least have access to the user name and password for an account that we mooch off of. (Thanks, Mom) And, for the most part, what we watch can’t really be deemed bad or embarrassing. Our recently viewed feed is a mish-mash of popular movies and TV shows that we’ve binge watched for 6 hours straight.

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Now You’ve Got a Prehistoric Friend Watching Your Back

Welcome to the Internet, where you will find all manner of things quirky! Seriously, we’re pretty sure if an alien race took a grand, sweeping look at the Internet, they would either think we’re all nuts or just like masking horrible things with cute pictures. Take the Twitter Fail Whale, for instance. For some, Twitter being down is the worst possible thing that could happen, but mask the news with an adorable whale and suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad.

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Apparently “scroogled” is a word now. Our Microsoft Word program still gives it a red squiggly line. We guess it didn’t get the memo from the boss.  Microsoft has started a campaign called “Don’t Get Scroogled” and it’s all about how awful Google is, how it reads all your emails, how it doesn’t clean the dishes (we made that one up), etc. etc. etc. It wouldn’t be such a terrible campaign if Microsoft wasn’t acting so immature. Case and point: these t-shirts. 

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