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Forget Gift Cards! This Is Your New Go-To Gift Giving

When it comes to gift-giving, we’re not all on top of our game. Half the time we wander around the store, wondering what someone might actually like, and then end up buying a gift card because it just seems easier. Why give them the hassle of having to exchange something and instead just give them the pleasure of a little shopping on you, right?

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Now What Will We Read Before Takeoff

When it comes to air travel, there are two things we can always be certain of. First, is that we’ll instantly get annoyed within the first five minutes. Crowds, long lines, and endless laps around the terminal because we can’t find our gate makes for a terrible time. Second, we always know that when we finally take our seat and turn off all electronic devices, we have SkyMall to keep us endlessly entertained.

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The App That Combines Your Love of Movies and Shopping

Everyone loves a good movie even now and again. What’s not to love about getting lost in some made up world about hobbits or wizards or laughing until your stomach hurts while you watch a comedy? Not much! But, do you also know what’s great about movies? Seeing all the different fashions, locations, and accessories.

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Cyber Monday Is Where It’s At

When it comes to Black Friday, everyone loses their mind. You see that word sale, you think about those savings, and your credit card pretty much comes to life right before your eyes. A little swipe here, a little swipe there. SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE EVERYWHERE!

But, putting aside all the incredible deals, let’s consider the realities of Black Friday. Crazy lines, shoving people, driving 10 miles around a parking lot because you can’t find a spot. Plus, you actually have to go outside…in the cold…at night. We’re looking, but we can’t seem to find the fun in that!

That’s why we gave up Black Friday like a bad habit, and welcomed a much better one. CYBER MONDAY!! You still get crazy good deals, but you get to scoop them up from your bed. Are you with us on this!? If that doesn’t convince you enough, our friends over at Mashable had some pretty good reasons to skip Black Friday and save those pennies for Cyber Monday.

The best reason for skipping Black Friday? SLEEP! Grab your laptop, set your alarm, and get ready to grab some deals without ever leaving your cozy cocoon.

Why drive all over the planet to find that one TV that’s going to save you $100, when you can literally shop all over the world from your bed…or couch…or wherever you decide to prop up your slippered feet.

Two Words: No Line.

We’re tired, full of turkey, and want to be waited on hand and foot. FREE SHIPPING!

Jeams, pajama pants, sweatpants…no pants. Hey, you do you. There are no clothing restrictions in your virtual mall.

And last but not least, there are no crazy people invading your personal space. Only a warm bundle of fluff looking for some lovin.

So, charge that laptop and memorize your credit card number, cause you’ve got some shopping to do Monday!

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The Future of Grocery Delivery Is Here, and It’s Called Instacart

Online delivery startups are everywhere now – Seamless, Postmates, and Grubhub are just a few that handle food orders and deliver them right to your door. One rapidly-expanding startup, Instacart, may just have what it takes to be a big competitor in the grocery delivery game.

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