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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Every Morning? Yes Please!

We’re coffee addicts. We can’t start our day without at least one cup of coffee and we usually have at least 10 more cups throughout the day. Ok, maybe 10 is pushing it, but you get the idea. And, our favorite type of coffee is the fresh kind. We can just smell that aroma now! The only problem is a fresh bag of ground coffee only stays fresh for so long, and we lack the skills to roast our own beans at home!

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Now Your Stove Is Getting A Smart Makeover

Cooking is something that we all have to do, although most of us are mere amateurs at best! Mac n cheese, spaghetti, hot dogs, we can whip all those up no problem. Start giving us recipes with crazy ingredients, crazy cook times, and a need to babysit the stove, well then we’ve got an issue.

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Is It A Projector or A Light Bulb?

We all love our technology, and it’s hard not to when it’s made life so much easier! With a few clicks and swipes, you’re browsing the Internet, connecting with friends, doing some work, and more. But, even that beautifully convenient technology has its downfalls. Aka, we’re not too fond of everyone crowding our personal bubbles so we can show them a new app we just downloaded.

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It’s Time To Brew A Fresh Pot Through Your Phone

There are two things we need in the morning in order to get through the day. The first, naturally, is breakfast. Toss some Lucky Charms in a bowl, and we’re golden. The second is something we need both for our sanity and for the protection of all the poor souls around us, and that’s coffee! Load us up with that sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods and we’ll happily be on our way.

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Wednesday Wonder: The BeOn Light Bulb

Back in the day, it might have been ok to keep your door unlocked, your windows wide open, and slap a neon sign that says “come on in” right outside your home. But now, things have changed. You probably don’t keep your door unlocked when you’re home, let alone when you’re away. In fact, when you leave your house, you probably lock it up tighter then a maximum security vault.

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