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Wednesday Wonder: Hoard Drop Boxes

Have you ever had one of those non-stop days where everything needs to happen right now and if you don’t get it done the world might implode? Yeah, you know the kinds of days we're taking about. You have to run here to grab that, go there to do something else, and then spend time at home doing every chore known to man. Plus, you’re pretty sure you haven’t eaten all day, but you can’t really remember because everything’s a blur.

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Let Me Charge My Phone…AAAND It’s Done

If you’re like most people, your phone is practically a third limb. It’s never far from your hand and it has everything you could ever need while you’re on-the-go. You’re pulling it out to check your calendar, mindlessly read your Facebook timeline, and perhaps even make the ever-so-old school phone call.

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The creators of UFO-Track ask, “Would you like to receive an alert that a UFO is nearby?” Hold on, let us think about – OF COURSE WE DO! A real-time UFO alert system that texts us when there is the
“presence of anomalous events” nearby?  You had us at “anomalous events,” UFO-Track.

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Bow Down To The Mighty Smartphone

We’re pretty sure smartphones are actually evil geniuses in disguise, because somehow those little gadgets we carry around in our pockets have actually managed to take over the world. We literally turn to them for a vast majority of the things we do throughout the day. Navigation, entertainment, news, communication, the list could just go on and on.

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It’s a Two-For-One Special!!

When it’s Thursday night and it’s time for bed, you barely have enough mental capacity to remember to plug in your phone. You’re too distracted by your bed’s siren call and the thoughts of weekend plans that dance through your head. Wake up the next morning and you realize you forget to plug in the backup battery for your phone. Looks like no lunch time Candy Crush session for you!

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