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Your Smartphone Just Got Smarter

Have you ever thought, “Gee, my Smartphone just isn’t smart enough?” By now, our phones should practically be cooking us dinner and then rubbing our backs as we fall asleep. (We just pictured tiny hands popping out of a phone and it made us uncomfortable.) Clearly we aren’t that far advanced, but a new company is helping to push the envelope of what your Smartphone is capable of doing.

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Now All Your Smartphone Commands Are a Click Away

When you think about it, smartphones are kind of like the brain children of Frankenstein. Take the heart of a computer, the lens of a camera, the talking component of a phone, a little zap of electricity, and IT’S ALIVE! And trust us, that’s one monster we don’t plan on chasing with an angry mob wielding pitchforks and fire. But, for such wonderful devices, sometimes they could do with a simpler way to control them. And that’s where this brand new gadget steps in.

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The Fight for Smartphone Camera Domination

Technology has easily taken over the minds of just about every conscious human being on this planet. Look around and take a count of how many gizmo gadgets you can spot! Yeah, that’s going to take you a while, so let’s just go with…a lot. And one gadget always talked about is the Smartphone! But who has the best Smartphone camera and how is it being improved? New plans from Sony have recently revealed their new idea for how to make the best Smartphone camera around.

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Who Makes the Best Mobile Keyboard?

When using a smartphone the keyboard can be very important. Most smartphones only have a touchscreen with no real buttons. You don’t want to take 5 years to type a simple text or send something to a co-worker that was auto-corrected completely wrong. (How embarrassing!) Each mobile operating system has a different keyboard, and Android even lets you replace the default with third-party alternatives. They all work differently, and have their own little quirks - the question is which will help keep you the farthest away from any kind of texting-caused embarrassment? The fine people at TechHive may have an answer! They developed a test to gauge how fast and how accurately people can type on major mobile operating systems.

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Is Your Smartphone Out to Get You?

Sometimes the most dangerous security threats come from the inside – and now, they might be coming right from your own smartphone. Your very own phone could be the source of a program secretly creates a full 3D map of your home, and you might never even know it was happening.

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