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Stand Up And Let Your Latte Desires Be Known

The Internet can be a powerful tool. Some shall use it to do good, spreading awareness, positive messages, and adorable baby animal videos around the world! And yet others shall use it to do evil, becoming the dastardly Super Villain to our Superhero goodness. But others still shall use it for completely different reasons entirely. To rally the troops behind a latte!

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Now Serving Up Education With Those Lattes

Who can forget their first part-time job? You’re that young employee, folding the shirts everyone has so casual flung around the store. You’re the stocker, finding toilet paper in the electronics section because people can’t put it back where they found it. Ahh, yes, what fond memories. And what do you get in return for all that hard work? An employee’s discount that probably saves you 20% at most.

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And You Thought Your Drink Was Expensive

We all love a good cup of joe in the morning. It gets our motors running and helps ensure that we’ll actually be pleasant people by the time social interaction is required. But, no matter how big our travel mug might be, we eventually start to drag again come mid-afternoon. We become tired and sluggish, which means we need another visit from our Fairy Godmother of coffee!

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Fancy Coffee Needs Fancy Payment

Coffee is the thing that gets our motors running in the morning. Normally, a regular old, cup-of-joe will do. We don’t need anything special to get us up and going. But sometimes, you just have a taste for a fancy cup of coffee, one with syrup and whipped cream and all that Starbucks goodness! But if you’re getting a fancy cup of coffee, you can’t be expected to pay with just anything.

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So what if we’re blogging about Starbucks’ new Tweet-a-Coffee program just so we can get our friends to send us $5 egift cards to our favorite place on earth? What are you going to do about it, hmm? Are you going to tweet “@tweetacoffee” with our Twitter handle (*cough* @Priceplunge *cough*) so that we can buy a Grande Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte no whip? Because that would really teach us a lesson y’know…

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