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Einstein Steampunk Odyssey Telescope 

The Einstein Steampunk Odyssey Telescope lets you peer into the heavens or bring nature up close with a refractor telescope that is modeled after professional instruments. Combining modern telescope technology with a classic steampunk style, this telescope is an inspiring way to view the night sky. With 6 mm and 12 mm eyepieces, the Einstein Steampunk Odyssey Telescope provides 100x and 50x magnification for a closer view of the stars and more

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12V Electric Heating Windshield Ice Scraper 

No more fidgeting with bulky or laborious shovels and scrapers - with the 12V Electric Heating Windshield Ice Scraper, you can safely melt away ice from any vehicles windows in a flash. Its extra-long cord plugs into your vehicle's power outlet for access to virtually any window on the car. Plus, the rugged construction of this tool guarantees years of fuss-free use.

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Duracell Go Mobile Charger w/ Rechargeable Batteries & Car Adapter

Featuring a fast one-hour charge and a car adapter, the Duracell Go Mobile Charger lets you charge four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries at home or on the go in no time. Use it any time, and anywhere to charge up batteries for all your digital devices. With its compact size and car charger, the Duracell Go Mobile Charger is the perfect mobile charger to keep in your car and take everywhere.

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2-Pack Vent-Miser Programmable Energy Saving Vents - in Brown or White

The Vent-Miser Programmable Energy-Saving Vent lets you program your vent to automatically open and close, controlling airflow in unoccupied rooms to save you money. Shut down the heating or cooling in spare guest rooms; bedrooms during the day; kitchens, dining room, and office at bed time to prevent wasted energy. Choose the size and color you need to heat and cool only the rooms you choose and save on energy costs with the Vent-Miser Programmable Energy-Saving Vent.

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Sharper Image Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 

The Sharper Image Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a compact, talking tire pressure gauge that instantly measures pressure and reports it back two ways: by voice - on a built-in speaker - and digitally - on an easy-read LCD display. Measuring pressure up to 99.5 psi, this pressure gauge is ideal for low-light conditions and is ergonomically friendly, since you don't have to bend all the way down to see the reading.

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