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Multi-Function Camping Light + Bonus: LED Headlamp Light

The 3-in-1 Multi-Function Camping Light gives you a flashlight, lantern, and nightlight in one convenient light - and is easy to use with all functions controlled by a single power button. Plus, get hands-free illumination when you need it with the included bonus LED Headlamp that offers multiple levels of brightness.

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Portable 24 LED Super Bright Deluxe Camping Lantern with Compass (Random Colors) 

The 24 LED Super Bright Deluxe Camping Lantern features a modern design and a convenient compass on the top. Great for camping, outdoor activities, or even emergency use, this lantern's 24 Super Bright LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. Get a bright light to extend your outdoor time or to help out in an emergency with the 24 LED Super Bright Deluxe Camping Lantern.

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CyberPower Mobile CPS140CHI 140W Power Inverter 

The CyberPower Mobile 140W Power Inverter converts 12V DC automobile power to standard 120V AC home power - up to 140 watts. The perfect solution for powering electronics on the go through your vehicle's power outlet, it also has full-time surge protection that guards against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown. With the 36" tangle-free cord and 2-in-1 auto/airline connector, this inverter lets you power your electronics on the road, in the air, or on a boat.

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Keystone ECO Multi-purpose Portable USB Power Pak

The Keystone ECO Multi-Purpose Portable USB Power Pak is a compact and easy-to-use multi-functional charger and power pack. Charging three AA NiMH rechargeable batteries at one time via USB power, it can also charge your USB-chargeable electronics with your device's USB charging cable. You can also use the batteries charged in the Power Pak to power battery-operated devices, making it a must-have accessory when you are on the go.

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Duracell Daylite 160-Lumens, 4-Watt LED Flashlight + Free Headlamp

The Duracell Daylite 160-Lumens, 4-Watt LED Flashlight features a white, even light that is up to twenty times brighter than similar lights and has a durable aluminum construction. TrueBeam Optics concentrate and capture up to 100% of the light produced, giving the Duracell Daylite a very efficient and evenly bright beam. Plus, it comes with a Bright LED Headlamp for adjustable, hands-free lighting. With current weather conditions, you'll never know when you might need an extra light - and this deal gives you two!

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